Calvary Baptist Preschool Visits the Clinic

We recently had a special visit from the 3 year old preschoolers from Calvary Baptist Church. April gave them a tour of the clinic, and Doctor Pajl talked about his job and what happens around here during the day. Kris showed the kids a few of our boarders, and they even got to use a stethoscope to hear their heartbeats! We showed them our groomer, Abby, working on a little dog (who was very excited to see them). Into the kennel room there were 2 lovable cats waiting to be petted. The kids even went into the back to check out our large dog runs and visit the big puppy back there. At the end of the day, Melissa and Martha gave them their own goody bags with some snacks and their own plushy pet to take home! We all had a blast!