February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Does your four-legged friend have some stinky breath? Do they give you a big kiss in the morning to wake you up and about knock you out because of the smell? Dental health is not only important for us, it’s also something to keep an eye on for our lovable cats and dogs, mostly over the age of three. If you notice some pungent aromas coming from their mouth, check out how their teeth are looking. Is there a large amount of plaque build-up? If so, that can cause serious health problems, not only for the mouth but for the internal organs as well if left unchecked. Minerals in your pets saliva can harden the plaque into tartar, and if it spreads under the gum line, the bacteria inside will attack the tissue supporting the teeth and can lead to a complete loss of teeth, a disease called periodontal disease. The bacteria can also continue to move into the circulatory system, attacking internal organs and causing other issues that could be detrimental to your pets health, and burn a pretty big hole in your wallet for treatment of these health problems. Be one step ahead of wear and tear; bring your pet in for a consultation and let our Doctor get a good look. We can clean their teeth up, offer you our dental products you can use at home, and help keep your pet feeling the best they possibly can.

For more about Dental Health Month, visit: www.avma.org/Events/pethealth/Pages/February-is-National-Pet-Dental-Health-Month.aspx
For more about periodontal disease, visit: www.avdc.org/periodontaldisease.html