July: Lost Pet Prevention Month

With fireworks, sparklers, and smoke balls, July is a stressful time for pets. It can be a truly terrifying experience for dogs and cats who are left at home to deal with the situation on their own. And, if given the opportunity, pets may flee out open windows or doors that are slightly ajar, trying to find a safe place away from all the noise. That’s why PetHub created Lost Pet Prevention Month in July of 2014. They have a very in-depth look at statistics on misplaced pets, steps to prevent a lost pet, and strategies on finding them again. I highly recommended perusing through their website, if not to study up in case anything happens to your furry family members then just to be educated on some very interesting topics and surveys. We offer microchipping and name tags at our clinic. Keep an eye out for our post on 4th of July safety tips for your pet companions!