National Puppy Day: How to Know Who is Right for You

March 23rd is National Puppy Day, and everyone loves puppies, right? Not only is it a day to support responsible breeding and share your love with a new family member, it’s also a day to rescue and adopt orphaned puppies at shelters as well as shed light on the dark concept of puppy mills. We always encourage families looking to expand their home to a new canine to research into the adoption process and help find homes for puppies who had a rough start. Finding the perfect pet and making sure your family is the perfect match for them can be quite a stressful situation, so we thought it helpful to share some tips for figuring out the best course of action while finding your forever friend.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure when starting the adoption process that you know what you’re looking for. House size, backyard space, temperament, and energy level are all things to take into consideration. If you have other pets or young children in the household, make sure to ask the breeder/shelter staff to see how they handle these different situations. Asking someone who has spent time with your potential puppy will always help uncover their different traits and behaviors so you know exactly what puppy you could be receiving. If you have issues with pet hair or excessive shedding, keep in mind that some breeds are much worse off than others when it comes to length and thickness of hair. You may have to get them groomed on a regular basis to keep them healthy and clean. Lots of time and money is spent on puppies, so be prepared for what you will have to give to keep them as healthy and fit as possible. Lastly, always keep spaying and neutering your new puppy on your mind. We all work towards keeping the unwanted dog population down, and there are many positives to fixing your pets! Look at our old post on why spaying and neutering is a good idea to learn more

For any questions, concerns, or if you’re just looking for advice, feel free to contact us! We are here to help in any way possible!