Pamper Them with a Groom!

February 20th was Love Your Pet Day. Did you make sure to give them lots of love? If you’re wondering just how to help with your pet’s care and well-being, why not schedule a spa day for them? Our groomer, Megan, is a certified Veterinary Technician and groomed for our clinic for 5 years. After taking a small hiatus, she is back and ready to make your pet look and feel amazing! With the seasons beginning to change (I promise, they are changing), look at your furry friend and ask yourself if they’re getting a little shaggy. We can get their coats down to a good length, brush out any knots, trim their nails, check their anal glands, clean their ears, scrub them down, and freshen them up all at once! Give us a call and ask about our availability for grooming appointments! We fill up fast when the weather starts to get nice, so don’t wait!