Services Provided

We’re committed to caring for your loved ones, and we understand your four legged friends are more than just pets, they're family.

Surgical Services/Hospitalization

We offer a variety of surgical procedures at Veterinary Medical Clinic by appointment Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, as well as providing internal medicine care for your pet.

Patient Care

At the Veterinary Medical Clinic we are committed to providing your pet with a high level of medical care.

Laboratory Services

We also perform a variety of laboratory services to make sure your pet is as healthy as possible.

Grooming Service

This is a very popular service at our clinic so please call to set up an appointment in advance or book your next appointment upon pick up.


We are available to house your pets when you have to leave home, giving them the most comfortable stay possible.
Animal lovers, hard working, and professional. The kind of people you want caring for your pets!

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