Dental Health: Not Just for You!

Most people go to visit the doctor routinely every 6 or 12 months. You don’t want cavities and plaque affecting your daily life with pain and discomfort, do you? Now, ask yourself a question. If my dog or cat had significant plaque build-up, loose teeth, infected gums, and exposed roots, isn’t it about time for a good cleaning? I know I wouldn’t want my pets to suffer through that. That’s why February is Dental Health Month. Life gets ahead of us, and you may notice your dog has some smelly breath going on. Not a great wake-up call in the morning, but it’ll get you out of bed quick! Or maybe, your cat hasn’t been eating as much and looks to be chewing on something constantly. Those are both red lights to bring your pets in for a good look at what’s going on in their oral cavities. If left alone for too long, the risk of your pet getting a disease from the bacteria that sticks in their mouth becomes extremely high. Once their gums and roots are attacked, the disease could easily spread into their internal systems and organs, affecting their health in big ways. The liver, kidneys, heart, and brain all filter and circulate blood through them. So, when a disease enters the blood stream the impact on those organs could be permanent damage and at times fatal. The key to preventing and treating your pet’s teeth before the disease becomes life-threatening is early diagnosis and after care. The next time your pet needs to come in for a quick check-up or yearly vaccinations, ask Doctor to see if they should get their teeth cleaned this year!

We carry dental cleaning supplies such as starter kits with a toothbrush and toothpaste and oral spray cleansing formula that helps clean the oral cavity and freshen the breath. We also sell OraVet® chewables which is ‘Serious Oral Care Made Simple’.