Keep Your Pet Safe on Valentine’s Day

The big V Day is right around the corner and with it, lots of people giving candies and flowers to their crushes, sweethearts, and significant others. But “Spot” and “Sophie” also want to be your valentine! Chocolate is a major hazard to your pet’s health and should not be given as a treat in any way. Most people know this fact, but there are other things to look out for on the 14th. There are different kinds of flora that can be dangerous for pets to ingest, such as carnations and lilies, as well as many others. Make sure if you’re sending a bouquet to someone with animals to make it a pet-friendly one, or let them know to keep it out of reach of their furry friends if it isn’t. Adults like to indulge in nice candlelight dinners with an alcoholic beverage to wind down for the night, but if any alcohol is spilled, make sure it is cleaned up as soon as possible. Since our pets are much smaller than us, even the smallest little lap could be harmful to them and cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other unhealthy symptoms; the candles can also be potentially dangerous, as one of our employees can tell you! The smell is nice, but the aftermath of burned hair and whiskers… not so much. Lastly, if you give someone a nice gift for Valentine’s, make sure any ribbon or string is cleaned up and not left out for your pets to play with. If they ingest such things, it can be harmful for their digestive tract and could lead to vomiting or choking. If you want to treat your lovely four-legged friends to a special treat, check out these homemade pet treats below!
Dog Treats:
Cat Treats:

For more information on safety tips for Valentine’s Day, check out this article from the ASPCA: