Preschoolers Brave the Cold!

The preschoolers from Calvary Baptist Church came and visited our veterinary clinic again this year! After shedding all their winter gear, they took a tour around our facility with Martha and got to meet a few new friends. Our receptionist, Abby, brought her canine companion in, and “Mister Tut” was ecstatic with all the attention! Then, they met Stephanie, Doctor Pajl, and the doctor’s feline friend “Dottie”. The young children got to listen to her heart beat and look into her ears for any bugs (she was all clean)! After looking at the rest of the clinic and meeting a few boarders, the kids were gifted with a little plushy friend of their own and some snacks for the trip back. We are always excited to have them come visit and put smiles on all of our faces! Hopefully, next year is a little warmer for us! Brr! For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page.