2018 Monster Paws Dog Walk

Harvest Halloween is over, and we here at the clinic just wanted to thank everyone that participated in the 5th Annual Monster Paws Dog Walk. The turnout was amazing, and we appreciate all the support and enjoyment we got this year. It was quite the array of costumes this year, including a ladybug, bumblebee, dragon, cow, gypsy, unicorn, caterpillar, princess, hunter, and more! It was a close competition this year for winners, too! Some of the excellent participants to join include:

  • Kristen and Mary with “Prints” as pizza slices and a delivery boy
  • Jordan and Jake with “Hugo and Murphy” as bacon
  • Marisa with “Hazel” as a monkey and a banana split
  • Taylor with “Niner” as the 49’ers quarterback and reciever
  • Angeline with “Bella” asĀ  a basketball player and a referee

Again, a big shout out to everyone that came and walked with us. Here are the winners for this year’s Harvest Halloween Monster Paws Dog Walk!

  • Big Dog Costume First Place – Mary with “Taco” as a brown M&M
  • Big Dog Costume Runner Up – Mary with “Trixie” as a cowgirl
  • Small Dog Costume First Place – Audrey with “Bella” as a tarantula
  • Small Dog Costume Runner Up – Kathi with “Rizzo” as a diva witch
  • Owner/Dog Costume First Place – Megan with “Saddie” as ghostbusters
  • Owner/Dog Costumes Runner Up – Kristen with “Arrow” as a magician and his assistant

For pictures of these winners and more, visit us on our Facebook page!