Happy Dog Day!

Today marks the 15th anniversary of National Dog Day! It’s a time to celebrate all sizes, shapes, and colors of dogs, from pure bred to mixed. They work tirelessly day to day by comforting and loving their owners, and some canines go above and beyond by working with the police force or aiding disabled individuals. […]

Celebrate Assistance Dogs!

This week, August 4th through the 10th, is International Assistance Dog Week. It’s a time to recognize and appreciate all that these canines do for their owners. Educate younger people and those who are not aware of the role these pups play in society, and look at past events and emergencies where lives were saved […]

It’s National Mutts Day!

According to the Fédération Cynologique International (World Canine Organization) based in Belgium, there are officially 360 recognized breeds in the world. Today, we are celebrating breeds that are not exactly official. They’re a mix of two, three, or maybe even four different breeds that have somehow come together to create an adorable dog that has […]