It is never easy when you have to go away from home and leave your special friend behind.  At the Veterinary Medical Clinic, we try and make the process on both you and your pet as easy as possible.  For your convenience, we will provide food at no additional charge, or if you choose you can bring your pet’s regular diet.  If your pet is on a specific prescription diet, you must provide that food for their stay or purchase it upon drop off.  We feed Science Diet products – your pet will be fed according to your specifications.  We also provide blankets and bowls.  Feel free to bring treats or toys!  If you bring anything from home, make sure it is something easily cleaned and nothing that you are concerned with if it accidentally gets damaged.

We have runs for larger dogs and kennel cages for the smaller dogs and cats to stay in.  Summer and holidays space is limited so please call and make your pet’s reservation as soon as you know your vacation schedule.  We try our best to accommodate all boarding date requests.

Please feel free to stop in during regular business hours to take a look at our facility and where your pet will be staying!

We require that your canines are current on Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Corona, & Bordetella vaccines and Rabies & CVR-C vaccines for felines before it can board at our facility.  If they are not a regular patient at our clinic, we require vaccine records or clinic phone numbers for verification at the time you drop off your pet.  Any pet not current on these vaccinations will be given the vaccine at the owner’s expense the day of drop off.

Any pet that comes into the clinic exhibiting fleas will be given a Capstar flea treatment at the owner’s expense to protect all other pets in the clinic.

Pricing for boarding is based on animal size and age. There is also a minimal fee for medication administration.  The boarding fee applies for each night your pet is here. If your pet is picked up by 1:00 pm on weekdays or 12:00 pm on Saturday there is no charge for that day.  Pets picked up between 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm will be charged a day board fee, and any pet picked up after 3:30 pm will be charged a full nights boarding fee.

Payment is expected at time of pick up.

We also provide a day boarding at a minimal fee (dropped off and picked up that same day).

Any pet staying at our facility for longer than 10 days is required to leave a 50% down payment for boarding services at time of drop off and remainder paid at time of pick up.

Please call to get current estimate on boarding charges for your pet’s stay!