Veterinary Medical Clinic offers grooming services as part of our commitment to be a one stop facility for all our client’s needs.  We have a groomer on staff working Monday through Friday with an alternating every other Wednesday and Saturday schedule.  The groomer will style your pet to match its breed or give a custom cut according to your specifications.  Grooming services include hair cut, nail trim, plucking ear hair, cleaning ears, expressing anal glands, and a bath.  Groomers can also give those breeds that don’t need hair cuts a nice day at the spa with a bath/nail trim/brushing.  We have a variety of shampoos to help with all skin and coat conditions.

Pricing is based on size of pet, type of hair cut, time involved and coat condition. Please call to get current estimates on grooming charges for your pet!

We require that your pet is current on at least a Rabies Vaccine before it can be groomed at our facility.  If they are not a regular patient at our clinic, we require vaccine records or clinic phone numbers for verification at the time you drop off your pet.  Any pet not current on Rabies will be given the vaccine at the owner’s expense at time of drop off.

Any pet that comes into the clinic exhibiting fleas will be given a Capstar flea treatment at the owner’s expense to protect all other pets in the clinic.

This is a very popular service at our clinic so please call to set up an appointment in advance or book your next appointment upon pick up.