Read This If You Have Fleas

More individuals have been stopping in to purchase flea and tick medicine. This is the season fleas are jumping on pets and coming into people’s houses to survive the winter. Fleas live in the environment and jump on your pet to eat. There are two forms of fleas that can be found on either dogs, cats, or ferrets. There are dog fleas that live in the environment and jump on the pet to eat and then there are cat fleas that live on the pet for life. Yes, dog fleas can be found on cats and cat fleas can be found on dogs. A Capstar tablet will kill the fleas on your pet currently, but only lasts for 24 hours. Within the 24 hours of giving the Capstar tablet, give your pet a monthly preventative. Monthly preventative can be a collar, topical, or chewable. We carry these products in clinic.

Next on the to do list, is to get rid of the fleas in the environment. Look at where your pet sleeps and spends time at inside. We recommend fogging the house (resilient to ultraviolet light) or just using a localized spray. We carry these products in clinic. Follow directions on the product being used. We can assist with picking out location to place foggers in homes by individuals drawing a little blueprint. Most products require people and animals to evacuate the space for 2 hours. Wash bedding/towels and vacuum carpet and cloth couches. Outside you might find it useful to trim scrubs, rake up leaves, and keep grass short. There are flea killing products that work in the yard also. Fleas are fantastic hitchhikers and will avoid the hard frost of winter by coming inside to the warmth of homes. Fleas also survive the winter by eating on mice/rats/other furry animals and staying in their warm nests. If any of those creatures find a way into your house the fleas can jump off and stay for the winter feeding on your pet now.

Note: Be wary of flea and tick medicine you can purchase without a veterinarian’s consent form. Because the product may not be as potent, contain harmful chemicals, cause allergic reactions on your pet, or be a scam. I had a person come in and tell me they were purchasing a good name brand off Amazon, and it ended up being a fake. I would be concerned with the fact that I don’t know what was in that chewable being given under a false name and product list.